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A-Series plus - making more time for your business

The A-Series plus, from Domino's range of world-class Continous Ink Jet (CIJ)| printers, offers unrivalled reliability and connectivity, delivering a coding solution that provides increased production efficiencies by addressing the most common and important sources of manufacturing productivity loss.

Improve availability (Uptime)

  • Proven A-Series reliability
  • Built-in and remote diagnostics help identify issues and keep the printer running
  • Printer generated email alerts indicate when a service is imminent, eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Change printer configurations easily via the new USB port, allowing printers to be quickly moved between different production lines
  • Set-up Wizards assist installation thereby eliminating reduced performance issues

Reduced rejects

  • Manage the printed message with a standard USB memory key thereby eliminating operator error
  • When networked, the printed message can be controlled from a central point (no special network software required)

Eliminate errors

  • Icons and improved user interface navigation schemes increase accuracy and reduce training

Improved performance

  • The A-Series plus large volume ink system provides improved reliability compared to smaller volume systems

Reduced operator intervention

  • Large volume cartridge-based ink system reduces the need for frequent consumable changes
  • Ink cartridges can be replaced cleanly and easily during printing thereby avoiding unnecessary interruptions to production

Increased profitability

  • Improved productivity though real-time centrally reported status and message management – without the need for any additional special software

A-Series plus networking capabilities allow remote monitoring without the need for special software

Ethernet communications protocol

The printer has a built-in Ethernet port, enabling printers to be networked locally or enterprise wide.

Built-in web server

The printer has a built-in web server which can be accessed using a standard Microsoft browser.  This allows:

  • Remote message selection
  • Remote status monitoring
  • Alerts and alarms
  • Ink levels
  • Time to next service
  • Production counts

External USB port

The USB port can be used to:

  • Backup and restore messages
  • Control printed messages
  • Upload printer information for service diagnostics
  • Upload production data
  • Save the entire printer setup
  • Move messages and configurations between printers for local based setup
  • Download printer software upgrades

Email generation

When connected to a network A-Series plus can send email alerts to the user. For example alerts can be set to notify the production controller of line stoppages or advance warning that consumables are needed or of next service due date to avoid unplanned downtime. 

A-Series plus Specialist Applications


Key Benefits:

  • Proven A-Series relibility
  • Reduced set up time and improved performance
  • Reduced operator intervention
  • Unrivalled connectivity

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