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The Domino Service Standard

The Service Standard was established in 1996 and covers every area of providing Customer Service. The audit consists of 180 questions with individual scoring to ensure that they can provide the excellent standards of customer service you expect from Domino. The standard includes sections on:

  • Customer Care Training for Service Engineers
  • Installation Standards and Policy
  • Definition of Consumables
  • Training for Field Service
  • Tool Kit and Spares Listing
  • Fault Codes
  • Application Information Requirement
  • Customer Warranty Conditions
  • The Handling and Protection of Electro-Static Sensitive Devices
  • Customer Training Support Pack
  • Field Service Dress Code
  • Workshop and Waste Disposal
  • Technical Skills and Product Training for Sales

The top accolade is Premier Partner and is awarded on a yearly basis. The distributor or subsidiary must have achieved a minimum of 90% on a Service audit, but also meet key points that are set annually by the Managing Director. These include:

  • A strong belief in a customer satisfaction ethic and retention programme.
  • General management leadership and personal ownership of customer satisfaction.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys carried out and used to prioritise improvement programmes.
  • Service Review score of 90% or greater



Key Benefits:

  • Standard of support globally for Service teams around the world
  • Benchmarked and reguarly audited against the training, knowledge, training, tools & equipment, health & safety and customer service levels required to deliver this

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