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Domino Group Training Academy

 The Domino Group Training Academy method of training can be classified as telling, discussing, and demonstrating with confirmation of trainees’ knowledge evaluated through practical exercises.

When deciding on the training approach consideration is given to:

  • The nature of the trainees
  • The subject matter
  • Health and Safety Regulations
  • Location of training

Training at a Domino Group Head Office in Cambridge UK   

When training courses are delivered at our facilities the Customers are provided with all the necessary protective equipment required for carrying out the training.

A full Health and Safety lecture is given at the start of each course and clarification is sought from the trainees.

The training course will encompass theoretical learning in a dedicated classroom and practical work in an appropriate lab dependant on the product technology requirements.

Training at a Customer facility

When training courses are delivered at a customer site prerequisite requirements are sought:

  • An appropriate training room is available to meet the requirements of the product technology (extraction, windows for ventilation).
  • Training room to be equipped with tables and chairs.
  • Domino will provide standard safety glasses, but it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure appropriate clothing is worn.

A full Health and Safety lecture is given at the start of each course and clarification is sought from the trainees.

Evaluation of Training

Throughout the training course the Instructor evaluates the trainees with questions, practical exercises and tests.

At the end of the training, evaluation forms are presented to the trainees to reflect their thoughts and comments on the course. All comments are evaluated and where necessary acted upon.

Key Benefits:

  • Domino provides varying levels of training courses across the Domino Printer Range
  • Choice of location for the training, either bespoke Training suite or at the Customers' own facilities
  • Courses include a combination of theoretical learning as well as practical work depending upon the product technology requirements
  • Training courses fully evaluated

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