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Delivering accuracy and productivity

We have applied our expertise to this new label designer, with real support for internal printer fonts giving you a much improved design experience. QuickDesign is much more than a simple label designer: intelligence is built into the product to support a full range of technologies from continuous ink jet| and scribing laser| to print and apply|.


  • One standard label designer provides all the tools needed to create, edit and manage your coding portfolio
  • A common interface for all of your networked coders enables secure and controlled data management for all coding data
  • QuickDesign quickly enables you to bring all your coding technologies under central control, reducing training needs and errors

QuickDesign Designer Features

  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) capabilities supported
  • Internal fonts supported for: A-Series, C-Series and M-Series
  • Connection to QuickDesign internal product and customer database
  • Multiple print head support
  • Multiple print zones for building complex labels across multiple printers to create a single label design
  • Support for internal printer functions
    • Internal clocks
    • Internal counters
  • Printer parameters stored with the label design

QuickDesign Printing Features

  • Data entry at print time from the design tool
  • Print only protection, protecting your designs from unauthorised changes
  • Send to Printer–allowing designs to be stored on the printer for future selection
  • Select Printer formats, allowing remote selection of designs stored on a printer

QuickDesign Monitoring features

  • Full status monitoring of all licensed connections
  • Unlimited device creation
  • Simple remote printer setup

Key Benefits:

  • Common Message Creation for Domino Coders reducing training needs
  • Single point message creation and retrieval reduces operator
  • Factory wide printer status monitoring
  • Internal Product database improving accuracy and simplifying integration 

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