Domino and Peco InspX Offer Fast Track to Food Safety

  • By Domino North America
  • April 23, 2018
  • Food
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“Their (Domino’s) commitment to the canning industry in particular was much stronger ... their engineering resources have made what looks like a complicated task a very straight forward integration.” -Peco InspX General Sales Manager Martin Lymn

Since the FDA began regulating food safety with FSMA in January 2011, Peco InspX’s X-ray imaging has become increasingly important to food and beverage companies nationwide. A key aspect of complying with the new law, and other food safety schemes, is increased demand for traceability which includes identifying foreign material in a controlled and managed environment.

“One of the challenges of a canning application is the high speed that cans run  at,” Peco InspX General Sales Manager  Martin Lymn shared. Some facilities run up to  2,000 cans per minute. “We’re taking an X- ray image and identifying any defects in that  can,” Lymn  explained. Once a foreign material   containment is detected, best practice is to not  only remove the can from the line, but also  document the can and understand the source.  This is where Domino coding comes into play. 

Peco InspX and Domino Amjet have teamed up to create an industry-wide solution to help food and beverage manufacturers meet the FDA’s requirements. “In collaboration with Peco InspX, we have come up with a solution that provides perfect coding, perfect traceabilty. And, the ability to find Peco InspX’s nomenclature codes that the Domino printer can put on your cans,” Domino North America Canning Sector Development Manager David Deagle proudly stated. “Because of the speeds food canning lines are moving these days, the ability to actually track down the can that got rejected is the major solution that we’re providing now.”

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