How do I order makeup?

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If you arrived here looking for something to help you spruce up for a night on the town, you're in the wrong place. Instead, Domino North America manufactures and sells printer makeup.

What is printer makeup & what is it used for? 

Basically, if you're looking for the transparent colored cleaning fluid that's often solvent-based and, frankly, vital for the correct functioning of a printer like our industrial printers, you're in the right place. Makeup ensures the ink composition remains optimized during use and for automatically cleaning the print head to ensure perfect printing every time.

Each make-up is formulated to work with a range of Domino inks and when used in Domino printers ensures the product warranty is maintained.

How do I purchase Domino printer makeup?

Make-up can be purchased via BuyDomino, the online store selling only genuine Domino consumables and spares:

Always read safety information (SDS) and users instructions before use.

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