Printing on cans

Domino’s fast and reliable beverage can coding solutions are designed to improve your production efficiency

World Class Beverage Industry Experience

For a coding machine, standing up to the needs of a high-speed beverage line is no cool drink on a warm summer's day. But Domino Coders and Markers are specifically engineered to stand up to the task.

Designed for high speed beverage operations with canning line print speeds of up to 120,000 cans per hour, Domino CIJ and laser coders are used by drink producers all over the world. Whether your beverage company is a start-up craft brewery, artisan juice maker, or full-on multinational brand, we can optimize our can coders specifically for your line's needs.

Minimize Downtime with Next Gen CIJs

Every minute of downtime costs your company money. That's why our Ax-Series CIJ features our unique i-Tech Module inkjet management system. This unique ink system is engineered to lower maintenance time, and therefore maximize output for your canning operation.

Its SureStart technology permits optimal reliability for short runs or frequent changeovers while our QuickStep user interface makes operation easy, so you aren't spending valuable company time training and retraining your staff on our equipment. You need a proper code on your cans, so we aim to maximize our coders' impact on the success of your beverage business.

Built Tough for your Operation

Once your operation is up and running, the rigors of a factory environment just don't match the sterile environment of our Domino Labs. That's why we've built our coders and markers to ensure easy washdown. Our machines aren't just built for water and temperature exposure, they're also built for sugar syrup contamination to stand up to the real-world environment of a beverage manufacturer. 

Domino North America's Ax550i Continuous Inkjet is a workhorse - IP65 rated and encased in a strong, 316L marine grade stainless steel enclosure. Coupled with IP66 sealed electronics, these combine to ward off environmental challenges facing the real-world conditions of canning lines.

An i-Pulse printhead and inks are deployed, allowing superior coding through precision ink drop generation. Our Ax-Series CIJ prints high-quality best before dates and traceability codes on beverage cans post-filling to ensure that your beverages get the finest codes possible. UV-activated inks allow for 'invisible' coding for internal track & trace during the manufacturing process.

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Groundbreaking Fiber Laser Can Coding System

Believe it or not, the needs of all beverage lines can't be taken care of with the CIJ anymore. Today, lasers can make a viable option for beverage manufacturers all over the world.

Adding traceable 20-plus character codes to 100,000 aluminum cans in an hour has become a reality thanks to Domino’s F-Series Fiber Laser range. Our F-Series was originally engineered with Beverage lines in mind.

A simpler, faster and safer solution, the Beverage Can coding System makes coding errors, unplanned downtime, high consumable costs, complex multi-supplier integration and issues with laser operator protection problems of the past. Plus, it's the ultimate in sustainability because our fiber lasers do not use ink.

Built for World Class Beverage Manufacturers

Domino's beverage coding system includes Domino’s F720i printer, which enables high-quality coding at top beverage can production speeds. With extremely low maintenance and zero fluid requirements, it is a fully-documented, integrated solution from a single source.

With operator protection improved via a Domino-developed protection guard, the system meets Laser Class 1 standards.* The system was specifically designed to improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency in demanding beverage production environments. For easy cleaning, it can be fully washed down, making it an ideal product marking solution with carbonated and sugary product like soda.

It will also run at 100% speed within a permitted ambient temperature of up to 45°C (with optional chiller).