Express Packaging optimizes coding and marking with Domino’s Ax350i CIJ

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • March 09, 2018
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US-based, award-winning service provider, Express Packaging has over 30 years’ experience providing tailored primary and secondary packaging solutions for a wide variety of global brands – such as Nestlé, Kraft and Hershey’s. Specializing in applications that include pouching, cartoning, shrink-wrapping and label Printing, Express Packaging must process track and trace codes at an extremely high speed and volume. To meet these demands, the company has invested in Domino North America’s continuous ink jet (CIJ), the Ax350i.


Meet Express Packaging

Well-known Trident Gum label with Domino Ax-Series CIJ Best Before Date

Fast Facts:

  • Express Packaging is a US packaging provider with 30+ years’ experience
  • High profile customers including Nestlé, Kraft and Hershey’s
  • Running 50+ Domino systems on its food packaging lines

With four plants based across Ohio and Illinois and a huge volume of orders that are progressed on a daily basis, maintaining efficiency and avoiding downtime are critical for Express Packaging. As a result, the printers across the company’s plants need to be able to withstand the tough production environments that are typical of the food industry, while also guaranteeing that clear, legible codes are printed onto the packages.

Prior to the acquisition of Domino’s Ax350i CIJ, Express Packaging had more than 50 Domino systems, including several case coders and CIJ printers already in use across its four plants. "Although we were very happy with the technologies we had in place, we instantly wanted to try the new product as soon as it was available,” says Express Packaging President, Fred Hartzler. “Every time Domino comes out with something new, we find it to be even better than what we're currently using. The Ax350i has continued that trend."

Familiar interface, higher productivity

Dan Crone, Project and Maintenance Manager at Express Packaging is keen to highlight the ease with which the system was integrated within the production environment: “One of the things I really like about the Ax350i is that our operators are all very familiar with touch screens from our other equipment, so upon its arrival it literally took minutes to train staff on how to adjust their code dates.”

With an IP55 rating, the Ax350i’s robust design makes it the ideal printer for use in a factory where wet foods are handled, while its modular stackability allows for easier installation on Express Packaging’s busy production lines.

The Ax350i is capable of delivering multiple line codes, allowing for large amounts of data to be printed onto each item. The printer supports inks for a range of substrates, while the consumables are RFID coded, making it easy for operators to know which fluid should be used and where.

Hartzler continues: “The Ax350i saves us money, it runs faster and we have clearer print. We've used other suppliers in the past but no one has equaled the production that a Domino printer puts out and the service that its technicians back it up with.”

David Croft, Global Product Marketing Manager at Domino says: “Express Packaging’s high standard of customers means its products must be delivered on-time and in top condition. With these demands comes pressure on the factory line systems, and it’s great to see that Domino’s Ax350i is exceeding these requirements.”

“Express Packaging has a long-standing partnership with Domino and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with them.”

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