Domino unveils a series of QuickDesign Application Videos

  • By Domino North America
  • July 16, 2020
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Enjoy our new videos series of 4 application overviews showcasing the top 4 challenges experienced in manufacturing today, and how Domino's QuickDesign software can resolve these inefficiencies.

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Group Printing 

Mislabeled packaging -It’s the single biggest reason for expensive product recalls and unwanted publicity.

What if you could eliminate a major contributor to these packaging errors by utilizing product recognition? With Domino’s Group Printing, one message can be created and automatically passed down to all coders in the process,so that the right message gets applied to the right place on the right product without manual intervention.

Barcode Scan and Lookup 

With Domino’s Bar Code Scan and Lookup, mistakes become a thing of the past. By using Bar Code Scan and Lookup, a product can be scanned automatically and the appropriate printing can take place without intervention and without human error.

Datalink Add-on

With Domino’s Datalink Add-on, product codes and label data can be directly populated from a central database.Plus, by utilizing the QuickDesign label designer, templates can be used to reduce the overall number of labels to just the minimum required,with all variables retrieved automatically from the database.

ERP Integration

Think about the investments made to your systems;what would be the benefits of a fully integrated printing setup in an autonomous system, capitalizing on resources you already use?

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