Domino Industry Automation Industry 4.0 Certifications - Rockwell Automation, Beckhoff, ODVA, OMAC

Industry 4.0 is more than connecting things, and traceability codes are no exception. Are you leveraging your investments to their fullest? In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments, Industry 4.0 is becoming essential to uncovering inefficiencies. However, often key areas to leverage interconnectivity can be overlooked, such as variable printing coding, labeling and marking technology

Here at Domino North America, our team of Coding Automation experts provide insight on more efficient print practices to achieve optimal uptime, and true connectivity with our family of smart IIoT-capable industrial printers and our suite QuickDesign label design software to take full advantage of their power.


Minimize errors, maximize profits

Minimizing operator errors is the single greatest strategy for driving improvements in coding/marking performance.  Coding Automation and design on the fly technology allows companies to conquer error-based production stoppages, remove expensive product recalls and rework, and as a consequence, the waste and extra cost associated with these errors. Finally, through a single network-friendly connection – without needing to know complicated, proprietary protocols – Domino coding automation software can integrate with an existing ERP, SCADA or other automated system to populate a label and push it to the printer. And can do it all without any manual intervention at the operator level, greatly reducing the potential for costly operator error. 

The benefits are substantial. Progressive IIoT-focused organizations have successfully brought their coding capabilities into the Industry 4.0 era, finally leaving behind the daily battles caused by labeling errors.

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Deploy IIoT in your Factory without major infrastructure costs

Building your company’s own Industry 4.0 roadmap requires a seasoned partner and technology team that are able to move beyond buzzwords and acronyms to successful deployment on the factory floor. Domino’s unique combination of printer hardware, networking software, industry partnerships and Coding Automation in-house experts delivers an unmatched capability for advancing your Coding Automation projects.

Domino brings an unparalleled network of control and automation technology partners, all of whom are well represented in key industry consortia and standards bodies.

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Further, Domino’s EtherNet/IP allows our technology to communicate to AllenBradley PLCs. This provides the advantage of having a tag-based communication structure for direct data transfer through PLCs and SCADA systems, while working seamlessly with our customers’ networks.

Consider a typical food processing/packaging line:
Average message length 6 characters
Number of coders 3
Packaging production line count 4
Production changes per day 2
Days in a year 365
52,560 characters entered per year