Do you need to track and trace your products?

Mx350i-T Labeling on the side of a tray
Mx350i-T Labeling on the top of a tray

The Mx350i-T labeler offers advanced connectivity options and the flexibility to switch between contact (tamp) and non-contact (blow) applications. It is ideal for industries such as food, beverage, life sciences, industrial, electronics, and logistics, where a robust, all-around, and easy-to-operate system is required to cope with high production throughput.

The Mx350i-T industrial labeler is known for its high quality and robustness. Along with extensive configuration options to ensure the operator has an optimal working environment, it maximizes reliability for track and trace processes. 

The modular design of the Mx350i-T makes it possible to configure a equipment based on your needs:

  • Left or right-hand variants
  • 4-inch or 6-inch printers
  • 160mm, 360mm, or 560mm applicator arms
  • Large numbers of Tamp (contact) or Blow (non-contact) pads