Domino’s Ax350i and Omega Design Corp. are Rewriting the Rules of Pharma Packaging and Coding!

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Omega provides highly engineered solutions to a variety of global industries and leads the packaging machine industry in the design of pharmaceutical packaging equipment for rigid containers. Further, Omega's machines handle a broad array of pharmaceutical packaging applications from unscrambling bottles and processing pouches to shrink-wrapping blister packs, labeling cartons and more. Clearly, building world-class packaging equipment is Omega's area of expertise!

According to Glenn Siegele, Omega Design Corporation President, "In 2007 we introduced serialization to meet the emerging global requirements to protect the pharmaceutical supply chain. As we are the only provider who focuses on material handling controls integration, we do what we do best and let our serialization providers deliver what they do best … We've standardized on a Domino Ax350i continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer for all of our CIJ applications."


"We've standardized on a Domino Ax350i continuous inkjet printer for all of our CIJ applications."

Omega Design Corporation President Glenn Siegele


Over the past 45 years Omega Design Corporation has shipped almost 4000 packaging machines to 40 countries— and they've been installing Domino CIJ printers for over 20 of those years. So when the Ax350i was introduced, Omega was one of the first partners to enthusiastically embrace this new technology. "Thanks to the new Ax350i. [It] helps us improve our products and improve our solutions for our customers," offered Mr. Siegele.

New Inks, New Capabilities

The pharmaceutical manufacturers who make up much of Omega's customer base are under pressure to meet their production goals and maintain the highest safety standards— including codes durable enough to last throughout the supply chain—each and every day.The Ax350i utilizes new, highly reliable i-Pulse inks. These advanced inks—designed for even the most demanding applications—easily adhere, even after harsh post-print processes.

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