The Advantages of Continuous Ink Jet

The importance of consistent, high quality coding on packaging or labelling cannot be overstated. Increased globalisation has changed the way many businesses operate and organisations are functioning in highly complex supply chains where misleading information or poor quality codes can have detrimental effects, both for consumers and for organisations. The correct information must be coded onto the right product with 100% accuracy.

Sophisticated supply chain management systems are required to coordinate the movement of products between suppliers, retailers and customers. This advanced technology, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) relies heavily on the creation and longevity of sometimes simple codes on a wide variety of goods and products.

While supplying the right product to the correct location is one function of the code, the other aspects of coding and marking can have a more fundamental and basic purpose. Customer research conducted by Domino has found that the most commonly required codes are ‘manufactured-on’ or ‘use-by’ dates, followed by batch traceability and legislative compliance codes (e.g. food allergens and safety marks).

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