How the T4 came to the rescue for labeling fragile tissue paper at SCA

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SCA is one of the world’s largest companies for personal care products; the world’s third-largest supplier of tissue and one of Europe’s most-profitable producers of forest products. With a strong focus on employee health, safety and efficiency, it was natural for Domino to listen to the customer when developing the M230i-T4/T6 Print & Apply.


With the smallest footprint on the market and a flexible clean design, the M230i-T4 met SCA's specific needs of an easy-to-operate and safe solution for labeling. Since SCA's factory is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a harsh environment, it also placed high demands on the equipment. It needed to be robust and durable - and at the same time, efficient and accurate. 

That's what made our T4 Tamp Labeler the perfect solution to meet SCA's desires. 

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