An adaptable Print & Apply labeling system to automate your production line labeling and case marking

Domino M230i Closeup Print head M230i print heads

Quick change replacement print heads for less downtime.

Domino TouchPanel ​M-Series Touchpanel

Clear monitoring and control with a intuitive color user interface.

At Domino North America, we know that no two lines are built the same. That's why our product designers build flexibility into every industrial printer and coder that we create.

Our M230i-T4 and M230i-T6 case label applicators are no exception to the rule. The T4/T6 are designed to be flexible and adaptable print and apply labeling systems with several types of products and industries. When you order your T4/T6, you're not done, because we can customize your M230i to your exact line's specifications.

Like our other M-Series case labelers, the T4/T6 can be mounted in several different designations, giving your facility maximum flexibility to make sure that your products get labeled exactly as required.

Maximum Flexibility for Your Line

For your M230i-T4/T6, we can offer your choice of three standard stroke lengths, seven standard non-stick pad sizes and either left or right hand configuration - both of which highly-configurable for the case marking needs of now and potential future legislation. Domino's project engineering team can provide effective installation and line integration to optimize productivity.

This latest generation of Print & Apply Case Label Applicators comes with a quicker magnetic printhead change for increased uptime, as well as increased ribbon and label roll capacity for improved cost of ownership.

For more information about the T4/T6, contact Domino North America and speak to one of our knowledgeable reps.

Domino Service & OEM Aftermarket Parts & Consumables

Once a Domino label applicator is installed in your facility, our support doesn't end. If you have an issue with your Print & Apply, our technical support team offers Phone Support, Cloud Remote Support, and a full staff of trained onsite service technicians who can minimize line stoppages and repair any issues with your industrial printers.

That's not all.

OEM Parts & Consumables

Domino North America's Print & Apply provides your company with a unique opportunity to minimize delays and proactively manage consumable inventory. If you get all of your labels and ribbons for an M-Series from Domino through SafeSupply, you have a FREE Extended Warranty for the lifetime of the labeler.

That's how much we believe in Domino industrial printers fed with Domino Consumables.

Domino M-Series Pallet Labelers

If your organization needs to label more than one box or case at a time, Domino North America also offers Print & Apply labeling options for entire pallets of product