Louise Adcock


Global Sector Manager - Food

Louise Adcock is the Global Sector Manager for Food Solutions at Domino. Joining in 2007 Louise managed three regional patches over a six year period before moving into a national role, leading the UK’s National Account program for a further three years. Louise, with a high level of technical competence, is now responsible for global growth alongside development of solutions within the food sector. Having direct experience within the field and working alongside major MNC’s this provides her with extensive knowledge of customer needs. Louise is also well versed in negotiating partnership agreements which support collaboration developments and setting foundations for positive long term customer relationships.

Articles from Louise Adcock

Allergens: Ready meal coding and the lethal self-service scam

Despite the horsemeat scandal of 2013, ready meals are still big business and demand is on the rise. But following that particular industry-wide incident, both food production methods and labelling standards have had to rise to meet customer expectations and assure confidence.


The implications of doing a food recall

A product recall is stressful, time-consuming and potentially expensive. Not only is time, stock and profit wasted, but reputation can also take a hit. And that can be far more damaging in the long term.


The benefits and challenges of promotional codes in food and beverage manufacturing

You can spot these occasionally on packaging, but what can promotional codes do for your bottom line? And how easy are they to apply?


6 reasons why thermal ink jet printing is perfect for food packaging

The ready meal industry is big and getting bigger. In the UK - Europe’s biggest market for ready meals - the industry was reported to be worth £1.85 billion in 2011. By 2016 forecasts suggest that figure will be closer to £2.7 billion. That puts increasing pressure on the businesses responsible for printing food packaging. And there’s more where that came from: we have a white paper on labelling and coding in today’s food sectors. Looking at how manufacturers in food sectors continue to meet the labelling and coding challenges without impacting on the brand. You can download it here for free. Governments are rolling out ever tighter legislation to ensure food products are adequately labelled with best before and use-by dates. And as businesses grow more aware of the importance of branding and package design in influencing consumer choice, they are demanding flexibility in terms of the substrates and designs that printers can work with.


Why snack manufacturers need to print smart

When it comes to packaging their products, snack manufacturers have their work cut out. Here’s a quick summary of the challenges and why solving them could be worth millions.


How to label allergens on food packaging

Failure to clearly mark allergens on food packaging became a criminal offence in December 2014. The legislation applies to all 28 EU Member States and was published in 2011, giving food manufacturers three years to adapt. So what are the ins and outs of the rules? And what’s the best practice when it comes to labelling?