Digital Colour Label Printing

Domino's flagship N610i digital colour label press, with vibrant UV-curable inks, is the world's market leader for cost-effective printing of short and medium production run length jobs.

The Domino N610i has a web width of 333mm (13") operates at either 50 or 75m/m (164 or 246ft/min) and has up to six colours, including violet and orange, plus an opaque screen-like white to achieve 90% of the latest Pantone range. 

Configured as either:-

Simple reel to reel format for the ultimate job change flexibility

Including in-line or near line finishing, enabling the efficient handing of jobs that have multiple versions or where there are fewer die cut and media changes

As a full hybrid, maximising overall print capability by combing flexo spot colours, foiling with digital ink jet and final finishing

Supplied with the latest industry standard ESKO digital front end, including colour variable data printing capability, it can readily integrate within the most automated workflow, providing minimal manual intervention and enabling rapid job turnaround time. 

With ever shorter production runs, it combines the productivity of flexo printing with the flexibility offered by rapid job change digital technology providing an outstanding return on your investment.


Whether to link a product via a scannable 2D code to enable a consumer to learn more about a product, or to track a product through the supply chain, or to facilitate product recalls, or to provide an anti-counterfeit or parallel trade measure, Domino has a range of ink jet printers to meet your specific requirements.

For complete monochrome digital print capability across the complete web width, integrate a Domino K600i printer into your existing conventional press or finishing line to provide high quality digital flexo-like print. It is offered in different print width configurations to suit your application and with vibrant UV-curable or LED-curable inks. Each K600i printer prints variable data including alpha-numerics and a range of industry standard barcodes and 2D codes, including QR and Data Matrix code, in any orientation or position on the web.

Print simple alpha-numeric numbering sequences using the cost-effective Domino Ax-Series printer range. With fast drying ink options suitable for a wide range of substrates and commonly used for pharmaceutical labels in back-numbering applications.

The Domino Editor GT data controller accepts input files based on common industry standard file formats and has simple tools for creating numbering sequences including cut-and-stack and modulus numbering plus provides an extensive library of barcode and 2D code formats. The Domino controller solution has as standard print signal confirmation and options for integrated full vision system verification.  

Digital White

Digital solution that can be readily integrated into your existing flexo press or finishing line for printing screen-like white images. Offers all the benefits of digital with zero make-ready time and no requirement to purchase screens for each production job. Capable of printing anything from high impact solids to the fine detail required for 2pt text. Enables you to respond to short run requirements cost-effectively and changing customer demands quickly, providing a real competitive advantage.

The K600i White is available in a 333mm (13.11") print width and will print up to 75m/m (246ft/min) It offers all of the standard feature of the K600i but includes unique developments from Domino to improve performance and reliability. This includes the Domino i-Tech Trapless print head tank, removing all ink traps where pigment can conglomerate and then when release cause jet reliability issues and the UltraMix ink supply system that continuously maintains pigment ink suspension.


As an alternative to full color digital label printing, while avoiding the complexity of managing multiple SKUs, the K600i can be deployed as an on demand digital black print bar integrated within the existing label press or finishing line. Multiple versions including language variants can be cost effectively printed as single production runs. Simplifies inventory management and facilitates flexibility to respond to short term customer requirements.

Digital Foiling

Domino K600i digital cold foiling enables conventional metallic foils to be digitally applied through ink jet printing the foil adhesive, laminating with the metallic foil, UV-curing and then delaminating to leave the digital foil image. Foil images can include variable data alpha-numeric codes, barcodes, 2D codes, security marks and graphics. 

It is an ideal security feature or anti-counterfeit measure, combining holographic foils with the added complexity of variable data printing. Requiring no plates or special tooling, digital foiling is also an efficient way for producing short run production with reduced lead times.