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Consistent high print
quality at flexo speeds

Digital Colour Label Press 
N610i Digital label press

Combines the productivity associated with flexo with the flexibility offered by rapid job change digital technology

The Domino N610i, with industry standard 333mm (13”) print width, up to 7 colours including opaque white, 600dpi ‘native’ print resolution and operating speeds up to 75m/min (246ft/min) is the only label press that combines the productivity of flexo printing with the flexibility offered by rapid job change digital technology.

During a 30 minute flexo make-ready, the N610i could produce up to 2250m of print – this could be 10 new customer jobs secured by your reduced lead times. This offers label printers an investment that provides added potential for greater sales growth and increased profitability, whilst reducing production cost and complexity.

The N610i uses vibrant UV curable inks designed for a range of industry standard self-adhesive label stocks including coated paper, polyethylene and polypropylene, normally without the need to prime. Key applications include industrial, security, health and safety, automotive, chemical, personal care and pharmaceutical labels.

N610i integration module

The N610i integration module can be supplied as part of a conventional printing system. This may include flexo stations before and after the N610i module as well as screen and foiling stations. This meets a wider range of product design needs but still provides digital quick change for multiple SKUs.
The N610i integration module enables our customers to configure a digital hybrid press that meets their business needs. 
  • Future proofing system
  • Customer-configured ink jet solutions


Textures by Domino

Increased shelf edge appeal is achieved due to the highly reflective nature of the print. Unique digital textured effects can open up new applications for Domino N610i press owners.Unique textured labeling is achievable up to 50m/min (164ft/min) using the Domino N610i.This feature enables standard coated paper, PP and PE materials to be turned into textured materials.

For more information, visit the N610i dedicated microsite N610i.com|

Key Benefits
  • The highest productivity - with print speeds of up to 75m/min (246ft/min), the N610i will accept 340mm(13.4”) wide media with 1m(39”) diameter input and output rolls for maximum throughput
  • The most consistent print results - Domino’s unique intelligent Technology i-Tech features are what really makes the Domino difference, delivering consistent print results job to job.
  • The best digital ink jet quality – with 600 x 600dpi native resolution, the N610i is the ink jet label press with the highest native print resolution on the market.
  • ActiFlow – this innovative ink circulating system maintains a constant ink temperature and removes any dissolved air in the ink delivering consistent print colour and superior reliability
  • CleanCap – this revolutionary automated print head cleaning and capping station maintains constant print nozzle performance delivering consistent print results and minimal downtime
  • StitchLink – using micro-motor controller technology the print heads are aligned to micron levels of precision during installation, enabling seamless print across the full web width
Substrate Suitability Chart


Coated Printed

Non porous



Document Download| N610i Technical Specification|
Case Studies
  • ASQ Labels

    Domino’s opaque white ink convinces ASQ to go digital

    “It is the quality of the print, the cooperation with the people and the service that we receive from our partner, as that is how we see Domino" says Raf Joos, CEO, ASQ Labels NV.

    Read full case study here

    Watch video

  • McCourt Label case study image

    Domino N610i digital inkjet label press @ McCourt Label

    Dave Ferguson, President of McCourt Label: "Scrap and labor savings, since moving this job to the Domino, is huge. With the N610i, we can now run in one hour, what we used to run in an entire shift on flexo."

    Watch video

  •  Reel Appeal Case Study


    Reel Appeal | For perfect printing of outdoor labels

    See how Domino's N600i has taken Reel Appeal to the next level, opening up new business opportunities both for them and their customers, they are loving it!

    Read full case study here

    Watch video


  • QRT Case study

    QRT Graphique moves adhesive labels to digital ink jet

    Christophe & Philippe Quirantes, Managing Directors: "From the beginning, the N610i has helped us get jobs from customers that we previously could not compete for. If we print four jobs using traditional printing, in the same time, we will print ten with the Domino. We are fully satisfied with the press."  

    Read the full case study

    Watch video 

  • Reynders Case Study

    Reynders Etiketten | Domino’s first installation of its N600i digital colour label press

    Marc Reynders, Managing Director: “The N600i has certainly lived up to our expectations of high resolution, high quality output at significantly higher operational speeds....” 
    Read the full case study

    Watch video

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