Why snack manufacturers need to print smart

  • July 10, 2015
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It’s competitive out there

The snack industry is competitive. Hundreds of brands are competing for their share of a lucrative market that by the end of 2016 is expected to surpass $96.5 billion in annual revenues*.

* Savory Snacks: Global Industry Guide

Given the fractious state of the market - not to mention the fact that economic success depends on shifting high volumes due to low profit margins - it’s essential to run production lines as efficiently as possible. It’s no overstatement to say that your choice of printing and coding technology can make or break your business.

Here are six reasons why.

1. Brand identity and the need for uniqueness

With so many snack products vying for customer attention, your secondary packaging design needs identity. It’s a crucial brand differentiator. Printing technology must be able to replicate brand designs flawlessly. And because the type of materials used in packaging is getting increasingly creative too - your printing technology must be able to code onto a variety of substrates if you want to compete.

2. Reacting to promotional campaigns

Imagine the scenario. The message has come from the top of the chain that your main brand is running a last-minute promotional campaign. It requires QR codes to be printed onto secondary packaging, a unique competition code on the inside of the secondary packaging and a message to the consumer that they can buy one and get one free. Do you have the flexible printing technology to react? Your biggest competitors do.

3. Regulatory and legislative compliance

Some things are out of your hands when it comes to secondary packaging for snack foods. As regulations become more rigorous, batch codes, best before dates, clear allergen information, product identification and traceability data is essential. Fast, flexible coding technology has become inextricably linked to profit margins.

4. Printing accurately - at speed

It goes without saying that the printing on your packaging must be accurate, clear and legible. But you must also be able to print at speed to run a scalable business. That requires high-performance printers and fast-drying inks.

5. Reliable technology - that lasts

Less downtime, more profit. It’s a simple equation. Is your printing and coding technology ready to go the distance? Our V230i thermal transfer printer delivers the performance to meet many of your high resolution coding requirements for flexible package labels in a single, versatile system. It can be easily retro-fitted into most existing TTO brackets using a simple, cost-effective adapter and is compatible with other flexible label creation systems, meaning less disruption and minimum installation costs.

6. What about your CSR?

If you have a commitment to running a business that’s as environmentally-friendly as it can be, you need printing technology that’s energy-efficient and compatible with long-lasting inks.

Running a successful business in the snack market means having a recognisable brand, complying with regulations and running a production line that’s as efficient as possible. Of course, you have nothing without a great product, but it’s surprising how many business challenges can be solved by installing the right coding and printing technology.

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