Introducing the C16 DOD Printer

Improve your inventory management

Drop on Demand Printers have long been the standard bearer for porous tertiary packaging. After all DOD printers are simple to install, easy to use and inexpensive to maintain. That's why our C16 Large Character Printer has been a bulwark for production facilities all over the world. 

The C16 is uniquely capable of printing large alphanumeric characters onto porous cases, trays and sacks and can print character heights of 10/14/20/32 mm expanding upon the C7's 10/17mm character heights.

A simple, but highly-effective print solution, it delivers increased productivity, flexibility and profitability while meeting the requirements of the whole supply chain for several different industries. Based on Drop on Demand Valve Jet technology, the C16 will be a welcome addition to your line.

Domino Amjet C16 DOD Printer