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Learn About the Domino M-Series PALM Range

Why use Print & Apply Labeling from Domino?

Easily integrated into your production line, our range of Print and Apply labeling machines are reliable, flexible, robust and can be configured for a wide range of applications. Whether a label is to be applied to individual products, or to a pallet of goods awaiting shipment, the same fundamental requirements for traceability, legibility and clarity apply. Our M-Series thermal transfer print and apply label applicators work with 600m ribbon or label rolls, and provide GS1 compliant codes wherever they are needed.

So much more a standard box label applicator, Domino M-Series systems are specifically built to meet the needs of factory-level customers and are able to withstand the harshest of industrial environments. Available in a stainless steel cabinet and engineered to integrate into your production line, these print and apply labeling systems are a giant leap ahead.

In terms of connectivity, the M-Series print and apply labelers feature our intuitive QuickStep label design software for easy set up and operation, putting you in complete control of your label printing. Across the entire M230i print and apply labeling machine range, we've incorporated design features that make it easy to install new rolls or to replenish ribbons, delivering solutions that are reliable and guaranteed to provide maximum uptime and productivity.

Ribbon and Labels

Domino Service & OEM Aftermarket Parts & Consumables

Once you purchase a label applicator from Domino, unlike others, our involvement doesn't stop upon delivery. If you have an issue with your industrial printer, our technical support team is second-to-none with offerings including Phone Support, Cloud Remote Support, and of course, our full staff of trained onsite service technicians who can minimize line stoppages. 

That's not all.

OEM Parts & Consumables

Domino North America's Print & Apply provides your company with a unique opportunity to minimize delays and proactively manage consumable inventory. If you get all of your labels and ribbons for an M-Series from Domino through SafeSupply, you have a FREE Extended Warranty for the lifetime of the labeler.

That's how much we believe in Domino industrial printers fed with Domino Consumables. 

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