When you invest in new industrial equipment, don't you want to maximize uptime and minimize service calls? Just like any complex device, choosing the right fluids can go a long way toward keeping your industrial printer up and running for longer.

Domino North America's range of fully-compatible inks, filters and fluids have been specifically designed to work perfectly with your industrial printer's particular needs. Not only do they produce the very best results during printing with consistent luminance and reliably cured product, they also prolong the life of your printers by ensuring they work more efficiently over a longer period of time.

Environmentally Friendly, GMP-Compliant

Safetly isn't our only concern. Domino inks are also darker, allowing for more legible coding on your secondary packaging.  We create our inks in a wide range of vibrant colors and, most crucially, are custom made to go hand-in-hand with your installed system. You wouldn't have your high-performance automobile filled with bargain basement fluids, so why trust your equipment with anything less than the best?

Higher quality, less downtime

Nobody else produces inks that work as well with Domino printers. The use of specialist inks will enable long-term savings through increased productivity, less downtime, higher quality output and less wear and tear to your printers. Call us and find out about how our inks, filters and more can help your operation running like clockwork.