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Founded in 1978, Domino has established a global reputation for the continual development and manufacture of its total coding and printing technologies that meet the needs of manufacturers and sets new industry standards in quality and reliability.

Through a global network of 25 subsidiary offices and in excess of 200 distributors, the Domino Group operates in over 120 countries employing over 2,700 people worldwide with manufacturing facilities situated in UK, China, Germany, India, Sweden and USA. On 11 June 2015, Domino became an autonomous division of Brother Industries Limited. Brother Industries Limited is a public company based in Nagoya Japan and is listed on the Japanese Stock Exchange (6448:Tokyo).


Articles from Domino Printing Sciences

Q&A: How Do Domino’s Support Services Keep Production Line Printers Running?

In our latest Q&A we sit down with Nick Stanbury, Director - Market Support, ‎Domino Printing Sciences, to discuss the wide range of aftermarket services that Domino has to offer and gain some insight into how Domino is helping customers to increase overall equipment effectiveness, reduce waste, and fulfil wider business goals.


“We Progress Together” – Goldiee Praises Domino Partnership Following Domino Cloud Success

The Goldiee Group (Goldiee), one of India’s largest producers of spices and food products, has praised its longstanding relationship with Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), having enhanced its coding and marking capabilities with remote monitoring from the Domino Cloud.


Sustainable Printing with the Cx350i: Domino Helps Customers Reduce Their Environmental Footprint

Award-winning coding and marking supplier, Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) has highlighted company commitments to ‘Do more’ to help manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals, following the launch of the Cx350i, a new sustainably designed piezo inkjet solution for printing on secondary packaging.


Domino Presents 3D i-Tech Animations for its X630i Digital Inkjet Corrugated Press

Domino Digital Printing Solutions has created three videos detailing the unique and sophisticated intelligent Technology i-Tech features that are incorporated within the Domino X630i digital inkjet corrugated press. Based on Domino’s proven Generation 6 inkjet platform, this single pass, aqueous press includes the automated i-Tech ActiFlow, CleanCap and StitchLink components, which combine to create a digital printing system that is altogether more flexible and reliable.


Harn Uses Domino N610i to Print QR Codes on Oxygen Concentrators Used in Fight Against Covid-19

Harn Engineering Solutions in Bangkok is using its 7-colour Domino N610i inkjet label press to digitally print full colour labels incorporating variable data QR codes which are applied to oxygen concentrators being used in the fight against Covid in Thailand. The unique QR codes are used for online traceability of the oxygen concentrators.


Domino Printing Sciences Celebrates Dual Success at Regional Make UK Awards 2021

Domino Printing Sciences’ commitment to manufacturing excellence has been recognised with two regional manufacturing awards from Make UK, the Manufacturers’ Organisation. The Cambridge-based company was awarded first place in the Health and Safety category, and the runner-up prize in the Developing Future Talent category.


Digitalisation: Driving Innovation in the R&D of Reliable Ink Formulations

The market for new inks for coding and marking and digital printing applications is always changing – with new formulations constantly required to keep up with regulations and customer demands. Unfortunately, developing new ink formulations can be a lengthy, often labour-intensive process.


2D Codes Explained: What’s the Difference Between a Data Matrix Code and a QR Code?

QR codes and Data Matrix codes are both 2D barcodes or ‘2D codes’, and are both becoming much more commonly used by manufacturers, but in very different ways. In this blog, we seek to outline the fundamental differences between Data Matrix codes and QR codes, so that you can make an informed decision on which 2D code is right for you.


Global B2B Experience Benchmark Highlights Domino Printing Sciences’ Customer Service Excellence

4th October 2021: This national Customer Service Week (4th – 8th October), Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) celebrates its continuous commitment to customer service excellence, as validated by the latest global B2B Experience Benchmarks report from CustomerGauge. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 77, compared with the industry median score of 49, the report notes the importance and value of responding to customer feedback stating “Domino has a well defined and embedded ‘close-the-loop’ process.”


Under the Microscope: Domino Collaborates with Cambridge University to Improve Performance in CIJ Printers

A relatively small number of chemicals are used to formulate inks, and so understanding how these chemicals interact and behave in different environments, and in different printing processes, is key to ensuring consistent, reliable print quality.


Printer Validation Packs: Don’t Leave Compliance to Chance

In today’s supply chain, the printer is arguably the final key element in the validation process – and with regulatory complexity increasing – not to mention industry-wide moves towards just-in-time production processes, no organisation can afford to omit this final stage of compliance.


The Engineer of the Future

The role of the service engineer is changing. Service engineers have always played a key role within manufacturing operations. If a machine fault occurs or an issue arises which causes production to stop, a service engineer can be called on to identify and fix the problem to get the system back online.


Fitting Five Years of Digital Development into 18 Months

In the following article, Eddie Storan, Head of Global Service, Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), examines how COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalisation of modern production lines and the resultant, permanent change in mindset it has brought about.


EU CLP Regulation: what you need to know about the Unique Formula Identifier (UFI)

The first deadlines for ensuring conformity expire on 1st January 2021. From that date, product labels must contain a UFI code to declare the precise composition of the mixture. This article provides an introduction to the new regulation and important information on the UFI code.


Domino partners with P&G on Tactile-Coded Bottle Design for Visually Impaired Consumers

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) has teamed up with Procter and Gamble (P&G) – one of the world’s largest and most trusted suppliers of consumer and personal care products – to develop an inclusive, tactile solution for product labelling, to help visually impaired consumers distinguish between personal care products during use.