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Introducing Sunrise DFE, the new inline RIP from Domino!

Sunrise DFE Inline RIP

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Introducing the Sunrise DFE Inline RIP

Sunrise DFE introduces the latest generation of software enhancements to Domino’s digital press portfolio. With the new Sunrise DFE package, designed specifically for single-pass inkjet devices, customers can benefit from improved workflow efficiency and increased uptime without interruption to production, including the ability for real-time data ripping on the N730i.

What does Sunrise DFE offer you?

  • It is a completely new integrated Digital Front End (DFE) for the N730i providing the capability for ripping fully variable labels inline at full press speed, removing the need to wait for the file to be ripped prior to printing.
  • It has a simple intuitive user interface driving further efficiency and uptime for the customer.
  • For added flexibility the Domino Sunrise DFE will be modular so installations can be customised to exactly meet your needs.
  • With the Domino job cost calculator, you can now calculate the cost of the job before you even begin printing.
  • The ripping process starts instantaneously at the beginning of the printing - this is a 100% reduction in the preparation time, and could even go up a reduction of up to 400%.
  • The combination of Sunrise DFE along with the N730i not only improves uptime but also reduces your waste.

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Inline RIP
Sunrise DFE
The software package includes everything needed to transform customer requirements into print-ready jobs in a streamlined process.
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