Large Character Printer

Fast 70mm high-resolution drop on demand printer

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Feature comparison

Print height (mm) 17.5 35 70
Alphanumeric keypad + LCD display
PC label editor and networking software
Suitable for porous substrates
Internal ink buffer for continuous printing
Range of black and coloured oil-based inks
True type fonts, graphics, and full library of GS1 barcodes
GS1-recommended barcode height for outer case coding
Mineral-oil-free ink
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Drop on demand printer technology

Designed for use on porous substrates such as cardboard boxes, trays, and bags, our high-resolution C-Series Plus range utilises piezo drop on demand (DOD) printing technology for consistent high-quality results. Acknowledged as one of the fastest 70mm high-resolution printer on the market, the C-Series Plus piezo printer also has the large ink capacity, a wide variety of print head options, and the low power consumption for high-resolution printing. These features combine to make the C-Series Plus Domino Printing’s most versatile, high-performance, and environmentally friendly solution for high-resolution drop on demand printing.

The combination of a simple user interface (UI) and related powerful software means you can generate bespoke codes and labels quickly and also allows the option to reduce stock holding. Up to four print heads can be run from the same base. Continuous uptime is prioritised thanks to the facility to change consumables without interruption of printing, and the robust compact design and stainless steel construction equips the C-Series Plus DOD printer to handle tough production schedules and operating environments.

Environmentally friendly outer case coding

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