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A Domino operator using the x630i Digital Corrugated Printing Press
Domino X630i - Corrugated Printing Press

The new business model for corrugated box printing

The Domino X630i is a single pass digital press that prints up to 75m/m (246ft/min) or 4,500 sheets per hour*, with 600x600dpi print resolution and a maximum sheet size of 1,600 x 3,000mm** It includes a servo-controlled leading-edge bottom feeder for continuous feed operation, cleaning, inspection, unique vacuum sheet transport, drying with either bundler and stacking output options.

The X630i is based on Domino’s proven Generation 6 inkjet platform, now approaching 1,000 industrial inkjet installations. With over 40 years of inkjet development experience, the X630i includes unique Domino intelligent Technology or i-Tech components, combining to create a system altogether more flexible and reliable. i-Tech CleanCap is an automated inkjet cleaning and capping solution for reduced maintenance. i-Tech ActiFlow provides continuous ink recirculation, for more consistent print results. i-Tech StitchLink achieves precise print head alignment to deliver the highest quality print results.

The most versatile Domino AQ95 aqueous ink set, including i-Tech PolyM with unique polymeric particles, combines the ability to reliably print onto coated and uncoated corrugated stock, but without the need of a primer or separate bonding agent.

*900mm x 1,500mm (36” x 60”) sheet size
** maximum image size is 3,000mm x 1,345mm (118”x53”)