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F230i delivers exceptional code quality at a reduced total cost of ownership.

F230i EP F230i EP

F230i EP is ideal for coding on multilayer flexible films

The F230i fibre laser is the first choice for a wide range of applications, allowing you to reduce your total cost of ownership for coding and marking while achieving top code quality. It is a versatile laser technology and optimised for a variety of industries, for example, Electronics, Food, Pharma, Industrial, and Tobacco.

Domino offers two F230i models with the F-Series range so you can choose the optimal laser for your coding needs. The F230i EP includes Pulse Selector technology, which helps to perfectly tune your laser to your material. Precision tuning is key when marking many substrates, including light and dark plastics, multilayer flexible films, and many metals. The F230i CP is a slimmed-down and cost-effective model which is ideal for light plastics and some metals. Both F230i benefit from a combination of extended lifetime, high production uptime, and low consumables consumption to ensure a much lower total cost of ownership than other coding technologies.