A-Series inkjets handle BA Vidro’s five billion bottle print run

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Porto based bottling giant, BA Vidro, has a hundred years of history in the production, distribution and recycling of glass bottles. Formed in 1912, the company began automating their production in 1930 and has continued to expand ever since. Today, they run seven plants across Europe, with the ability to process an incredible five billion bottles a year.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, coding and marking technologies are an essential part of BA Vidro's production line, allowing them to easily track and trace their products after delivery. But with their existing coding equipment becoming obsolete, they began to explore other options that could provide both cost and efficiency savings, as well as integrate easily into their production lines.

“We needed a more up-to-date solution that lived up to our coding and marking expectations and that would ensure we could efficiently track down our products if necessary. It was only after an extensive search and market comparison that we decided to trial Domino’s technology.”

Joaquim Campos, Maintenance Manager, 
BA Vidro.

Good relations

For BA Vidro the scale of their operation meant that reliability and customer service were both high on their list of considerations when they began looking for a new printing partner. During the test phase BA Vidro talked with other Domino’s customers to learn more about the level of service the company could give.

“We were pleased with the customer support provided by our previous coding technology supplier, so when the time came to change our service provider we focused a lot on this aspect.”Joaquim Campos, Maintenance Manager at BA Vidro.

Working closely with Domino, the organisation began a test phase with the A420i inkjet system, which offered low ink costs, minimal operation and could be easily integrated into their production facilities. The A-series had proven reliability, which was also essential given the scale of their operation.

Within three months, BA Vidro was ready to sign contracts with Domino, rolling out A-Series printers across their whole production line, replacing the 14 other systems they were running at the time. The result? After 18 months of use they’d experienced zero production malfunctions.

inkjet code on a glass bottle
“We are very pleased with the reliability of the printers and with the level of service provided, but what impressed us the most about Domino was how they demonstrated from the beginning that they are very keen on forging a relationship with us. We can honestly say it’s been a very successful one.”

During the test phase BA Vidro talked with other Domino’s customers to learn more about the level of service the company could give.

glass bottling line


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