Domino’s A320i CIJ printer “every operators dream”

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The first UK installation of Domino’s A320i service free ink jet printer, the latest addition to its best-selling A-series range, has taken place at Croda in Hull. Croda, a leading global manufacturer of natural based ingredients for markets including personal care, health care, polymer additives and lubricants earlier this year installed the A320i at Croda’s manufacturing facility in Hull, where it has been instrumental in the company’s ongoing transition to operating fully automated packaging lines.

Croda’s decision to invest in the A320i follows a longer term relationship with Domino and its global-leading A-Series printers which dates back to 2006, when Croda began to move towards fully automated packaging processes. At that time, the company selected an A-Series printer for integration into an automated packaging line to print batch and product codes onto polyethylene bags.

Five years later, when the company was looking to automate further packaging lines, after a thorough evaluation of other coders on the market, Croda once again turned to Domino for a solution. Reliability, quality of output, ease of use and seamless integration of Croda’s first A-Series printer were instrumental in the decision to invest in an A320i, the newest addition to Domino’s A-Series range.


“Our packaging line operators and technicians, all highlighted the quality output, ease of use and reliability of Domino’s A-Series coder”

Ian Savill, Technical Engineering Manager

“A key element of our evaluation and selection process was the feedback we had from our packaging line operators and technicians, all of whom highlighted the quality output, ease of use and reliability of Domino’s A-Series coder,” explains Ian Savill, Technical Engineering Manager at Croda’s Hull site. “We could find no other coder on the market that could match our expectations and therefore, Domino’s latest A-Series coder, the A320i became the obvious choice.”

Ian and his team worked closely with Domino’s engineering specialists who provided onsite assistance throughout installation to ensure a seamless transition and minimise production downtime.

“The installation went extremely smoothly and the A320i is already proving to be the perfect solution to our needs,” continues Savill. “It is so easy to use – there are no complicated shutdown sequences to follow and it also has the added benefit of self cleaning, which is every operator’s dream. In addition, thanks to the capabilities of the A320i to change batch codes simply and quickly, we now have two production lines feeding into the one packaging line, which has further increased our processing efficiency.”


Incorporating Domino’s new i-Tech intelligent Technology, the A320i with its range of smart technologies offered everything that Croda required in terms of delivering tangible OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and environmental benefits, whilst fulfilling its need to deliver reliable and variable coding within its existing packaging line. The A320i is capable of printing up to four lines of code, text, automatic serial and batch numbering, and real-time clocks using 90% less system ink and 50% less solvent than previous models.

Savill concludes, “Domino’s A320i not only saves us a considerable amount of time, it has also delivered cost savings too without any compromise on quality and reliability. We will continue to evaluate and improve our production and packaging lines in the future and I am confident that Domino will remain a trusted partner throughout this ongoing process.”


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