Shane Dewar


Shane is the UK Business Manager Digital Printing Solutions

Articles from Shane Dewar

10 Imaginative Ways to Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out

From prawns to prosecco, product packaging is crucial if you want to make sales. The right packaging captures consumer attention, communicates the essence of your product and inspires purchases. Here are ten ideas to kindle your creative furnace for packaging that leaps off the shelf and works harder for your products.


Vintage packaging: in with the old, out with the new?

A quiet revolution is stirring in the supermarket aisles. Packaging that’s simple, clear and sprinkled with design elements that hark back to yesteryear is beginning to gain ground on the shop shelf. What’s behind the emerging trend? And is the old way really the new way?


Premium packaging: the benefits of digital textured labelling

Forget humdrum product packaging. For labels that turn heads, engage customers and say more about a brand’s personality, top label printers, brand managers and packaging professionals can use digital textured labelling to their advantage. Should you do the same?