This 1200dpi digital color label press delivers consistent exceptional print quality at the highest operating speeds

N730i digital color label press operator

Built upon Domino’s latest Generation 7 inkjet technology platform, the seven colour N730i 1200dpi digital color label press is equipped with the revolutionary Brother BITSTAR™ print head.

The system is designed to deliver exceptional print quality at up to 70m/min across all colours, including white without any reduction in opacity. Engineered to ensure outstanding reliability, the N730i is an excellent choice for printing self adhesive labels and shrink sleeve applications.

This 1200dpi press uses a combination of the smallest drop sizes of 2.1pl and nominal drop sizes of 2.8pl and 3.3pl, with the Brother BITSTAR™ print head providing consistent ink density across the image. This means sharper edges and smoother gradients for exceptional print quality. 

The N730i digital color label press combines 1200dpi print quality with Domino’s enhanced i-Tech intelligent technology features to deliver improved efficiency, use, function and reliability, leading to increased output and investment return.

These include the automated maintenance from i-Tech CleanCap2, consistent print density and registration from the new i-Tech SetAlign, optimum ink jetting reliability from i-Tech ActiFlow2 and exceptional print quality with i-Tech NozzleAdjust.

The N730i 1200dpi digital label press with its new intuitive Domino SunLight Graphical User Interface (GUI) is so easy to use and configure. Using the industry standard ESKO Digital Front End, JDF/JMF support and is Cloud-ready for the most streamlined workflow.

The Domino UV91 ink set provides excellent resistance to heat, cold, sunlight, chemical and saline attack as well as abrasion to maintain the highest quality through the life of the final product. The high opacity white is often used as a replacement for silk screen printing.

A range of flexible purchase options exist for the N730i 1200dpi digital label press, including our own in-house leasing option incorporating our all-inclusive TotalCare maintenance and breakdown service programme.

Domino offers customers support with a wide range of services through its Digital Solutions Programme including how to sell digital, workflow integration and efficiency to advanced operator training.