Introducing the M230i-P

A robust automated solution for Pallet labelling

The M230i-P150 delivers a robust flexible and automated solution for the final step of your production process – printing and applying one or multiple labels on your pallet, with perfectly readable information to ensure it can be handled efficiently along the way to its final destination. With its innovative design, allowing one, two or three sides of the pallet to be labelled, you can rest assured that all safety features and operator-friendly aspects have been considered. The cabinet will give your pallet labeller maximum protection in an often harsh end-of-line environment and extend the product lifetime, giving you a cost-effective pallet labelling equipment for many years to come.

Regardless if you want to apply a…

  • Pallet label (warehousing)
  • Transport label (STILL - Standard International Logistic Label) or a
  • Store and customer label

...all your logistic units will have one or more readable and perfectly applied GS1 label(s) containing an SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code), making sure you can track and trace your goods.

Integration ensures pallet traceability

By integrating the pallet labeller into your company's ERP system, you can guarantee traceability throughout the track and trace process.

For total peace of mind, we offer genuine Domino consumables. These are designed and developed especially for our printers, to maximise print quality and significantly reduce unplanned downtime. Agreed scheduled deliveries through Domino’s SafeSupply ensure you keep producing, without costly last-minute rushed orders.

Pallet labelling for track and traceIntegration ensures pallet traceability

By integrating your pallet labeller to the company's ERP system, you can guarantee traceability throughout the track and trace process.

Cabinet with climat kit options for controlled environmentCabinet with climate options reduces cost

An optimal operating climate for machinery and media is maintained regardless of environmental challenges like dust, humidity, heat or cold.