Vx150i-53mm delivers high quality at high speed on flexibles and labels

Vx-Series- Domino Thermal Barcode Printer
Vx150i-53mm_Domino TTO Printer Thermal Barcode printer

With the Vx150i-53mm you can feel reassured in knowing you have chosen a TTO coding solution for your flexible packaging that is easy to use, delivers an outstanding performance, and is ready for your future production needs. The Vx150i 53mm Thermal Barcode Printer will help you protect your customers, by providing the information they need via high-resolution machine-readable codes. It will also ensure you minimise downtime, maximise throughput, and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Less energy & waste
The Vx150i-53mm does not require compressed driven air. This saves energy, while eliminating the need to maintain external machinery. Also, with solvent-free ribbon rolls with up to 770m capacity, we reduce ribbon waste significantly, ensuring you achieve a more sustainable business.