Domino and Elizabeth Grant Form Beautiful Partnership

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Elizabeth Grant International, a family owned cosmetic company based in Toronto, has partnered with Domino North America to achieve impeccable standards for the manufacturing and packaging of their specialty skin care products.

As a global enterprise, Elizabeth Grant employs over 19 Domino coding systems—including the A320i Intelligent Technology system, D320i laser with Fume extraction, and C6000 Large character printer—to ensure all lot codes are clearly and accurately placed to meet stringent industry regulations. Elizabeth Grant President Marion Witz also relies on Domino to meet her own exceptional standards for equipment maintenance and innovation. “Everything about Domino’s machines works,” Witz praised. “Not only do they work, but they’ve kept up with technology, allowing us to be more efficient … and efficiency on a factory room floor is absolutely essential.”

Everything about Domino’s machines work

Elizabeth Grant President Marion Witz

Watch the following video above to hear more from Witz and Operations Manager Dan Miliartu, plus see inside the Elizabeth Grant manufacturing facility.


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