Domino Thermal Inkjet proven success on Prospan® production line

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Medicine manufacturer, Engelhard Arzneimittel, has been in operation for over 140 years, specializing in plant-based remedies, cough syrups and lozenges. All their over-the-counter products need flawless compliance coding for full traceability, and until recently they were reliant on hot stamping techniques to print information onto their bottles, including their main brand of cough syrup, Prospan®. With hot stamping technology increasingly expensive and almost obsolete, the company needed a new solution, thermal inkjet printers. And for those, they turned to Domino.

“As an innovative company, it’s very important that Engelhard Arzneimittel moves with the times. This is why we decided to invest in new coding systems. We knew that we wanted to switch to thermal inkjet systems to meet our various coding requirements. This quickly led us to Domino.” Christian Belzer, Systems Engineering Team Manager, Engelhard Arzneimittel
“We are very happy with the Domino systems that we currently use, and plans are already in place for further joint projects.”

Following the successful installation of the G120i, Engelhard has also installed a G230i thermal system to handle coding on their Tyrosur® powder PE bottles. Each bottle is manually filled, then placed onto a conveyor belt system and printed at high resolution, from a distance of 1-2mm.

“Previously, we did not have an in-house solution for printing bottles of our Tyrosur® Powder. We ordered them pre-printed, which was very costly and less flexible than an in-house solution.”

G230i handles high contrast PE bottle coding

Working closely with Domino, Engelhard began tests with the G Series i-Tech coding system, which promised serialized 2d data matrix codes, high quality printing with outstanding adhesion and scratch resistance across a range of substrates. Initial tests were successful, and the company installed a G120i Thermal inkjet system onto their Prospan® production line, stamping best before end and batch information to the labels after the bottle has been filled. Three and a half years after initial installation and the system has seen no production problems.

“Domino has excellent references and its systems are user-friendly and easy to integrate. It’s also important to highlight our excellent relationship with the Service Department. From spare part orders to services over the phone and on-site support - everything always works quickly and smoothly.”

The G230i installation coincided with Domino’s release of a new ethanol based ink, BK 118, which gives uniform, permanently readable codes, with pin-sharp characters and high contrast. The new ink was particularly suitable for challenging materials, including plastics, foils and PE. Perfect for Tyrosaur®, giving great quality at low cost.



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