Sutter Home and Domino Printing Pair Up for Innovative Success

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Sutter Home Winery, Inc. the second largest independent, family run winery in the United States—changed the way Americans enjoy wine. Headquartered in St. Helena, CA, Sutter Home produces high-quality varietals at an affordable price. They even created White Zinfandel, which went on to become one of the most popular wines in the U.S.

“We always make sure we over deliver on quality to our customers—to do that we use the best equipment available,” said Scott Childers, Production Manager at Sutter Home. “In order to stay in front of the customer, we’re always experimenting with new packaging. We were one of the first to put wine in PET bottles and now package with Tetra Paks, bag-in-boxes and cans. People love it!” he added.

“We always make sure we over deliver on quality to our customers—to do that we use the best equipment available,”

- Scott Childers, Production Manager


Sutter Home looked far and wide to find solutions for their coding and printing needs—specifically for solutions that offered flexibility and ease of use. Because of their success, reliability and expertise with companies in the beverage industry, Domino was Sutter Home’s first choice as their coding and printing partner. And their choice has paid off.

Domino’s innovative outer carton printing solution has saved Sutter Home time and money. Domino’s case coding laser features larger character printing that differentiates it from the competition and is difficult to replicate. In addition, Domino developed a mobile laser system—unique to the market—specifically to accommodate the flexibility requirements of Sutter Home’s production site.

“Our other lines that primarily use ink jet applications are fixed coders so they don’t move. But the laser Domino created was specifically made to move from line to line and even facility to facility,” said Childers. “We have a lot of trust in Domino. It’s [performance is] repeatable, we have zero downtime and it’s essentially invisible in our operations, which is the best thing we could say about laser coding equipment,” he added.

Sutter Home has hosted other wineries at their facility to share information and observe their Domino equipment—and they have always left very impressed. “We’re lucky—we get to purchase equipment from the top manufacturers in the packaging industry. We also like to purchase equipment from people that we like doing business with, and Domino is a group we like doing business with,” said Childers. “Domino supports our operations—which at times is 24/7—and hasn’t failed us yet. If we had to do this all over again, I would have just done it sooner!” he adds.

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