Hello! My name is Brian Flora.

I have recently joined Domino as sales account manager in the western sales region covering the Pacific Northwest, specifically the states of Washington and Oregon. I could not be happier to be a part of Domino’s “BEST” coast sales region, working with some of the top experts in coding, marking and labeling.

I come to Domino with over 20 years of distribution experience in beverage, grocery and disposables (think to-go packaging, soap/sanitizer, towels/napkins, etc.). I’ve worked with end-users, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and corporations providing me a holistic view of the supply chain. I believe this experience will help me to better understand customer needs and solve problems efficiently. I am passionate about helping people achieve their objectives and look forward to doing just that with my new Domino customers and prospects.

My favorite pastime is hanging out with my family. I have a wife, a 7 year-old girl, 4 year-old boy and 9 month-old girl. Additionally, I am a DIYer. I suppose this speaks to my interest in knowing how things work and why industrial environments are exciting to me.

When time allows, I like to catch up on Seattle sports, especially the Seahawks and University of Washington. Are you a pro sports fan or a lover of college ball? Tell me below.




Brian Flora

Account Manager

Mobile: +1 (360) 605-4543


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