Tackling the task ahead, together
Serialization requirements are the single greatest challenge theprinting industry has faced in recent decades. The ability to track and trace products throughout the entire supply chain,uniquely identifying products with both human and machine-readable codes, is becoming increasingly critical – to verifyauthenticity and meet legislative requirements. The European Union Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) comes into force from February 2019, making the serialization of licensed drug products a legal requirement for all EU companies. It’s adaunting and complex task, but one we’re ready to help you face.

Industry leaders in serialization technology
As the most experienced provider of legislative-compliant printing solutions across a wide range of sectors, we’rein a unique position: right at the forefront of the printing industry’s preparation for serialization technology. Having invested significant time, thought and research, we can offer the most proactive and easy-to-integrate solutions to our customers. We know the challenges and have the solutions.

Our G-Series TIJ printers and D-Series laser printers already have high speed serialization capabilities and are able to handle unique codes at speed – without duplication. Our inks are both high-contrast and highly durable, maintaining print visibility throughout the supply chain. They also havesuper-fast drying times – which is vital for non-tamper labels.