Digital Color Label Printing

Fulfilling short and medium runs within tight timeframes economically has driven the shift to digital label printing. Multiple SKUs, regional variation, customization and individual traceability combine to upset the traditional economics of label printing. Demands from customers are more diverse and urgent.

Domino’s N-Series includes the 1200dpi N730i and the 600dpi N610i seven color inkjet label presses, which are designed to address these market trends profitably. A separate N610i Integration Module is available for those that want a hybrid label printing press. These incorporate Domino’s unique and now enhanced automated i-Techintelligent Technology features, for improved performance and reliability.

The Generation 7 N730i label press uses the very latest Brother BITSTAR™ print head, with 1200dpi print resolution, delivering consistent high-quality print at the highest operating speeds.

With almost 1,000 global installations of our Generation 6 inkjet technology in operation, the N610i digital color label press is the most proven solution for cost-effective printing of short and medium production run length jobs. The N610i can be configured as a standalone, in-line, or as part of a hybrid label press, combining digital with conventional print and embellishment capabilities.

Our N-Series high speed label press range is supplied with Domino’s leading class in-house UV curable ink sets for a wide range of self-adhesive and shrink-sleeve label applications. These provide excellent light fastness, abrasion resistance, with high opacity white for silk-screen replacement, as well as an option for food packaging compliance.


These days, scannable 2D codes are so much more useful than the basic barcodes and serial numbers we grew up with. 

Today, you can create codes for several purposes including:

  • Helping consumers learn more about your product
  • Tracking product through the supply chain
  • Facilitate limited recalls
  • Provide anti-counterfeit or parallel trade measure

Whatever your purpose may be, Domino has a range of industrial inkjet printers to meet your specific requirements.

High-Quality, High-Speed Monochrome Printing

For monochrome digital print capability configured to cover the complete web width, integrate a high speed Domino K600i printer into your existing label press or finishing line to provide high quality digital flexo-like variable data print. It can print alphanumerics and a range of industry standard barcodes and 2D codes including QR and Data Matrix codes, in any orientation or position on the web.

You can also print simple alpha-numeric numbering sequences using the cost-effective Domino Ax-Series CIJ. With fast-drying ink options suitable for a wide range of substrates and commonly used for pharmaceutical labels in back-numbering applications Ax-Series is a good option in addition to our K600

Digital White

Digital solution that can be readily integrated into your existing flexo press or finishing line for printing screen-like white images. Offers all the benefits of digital with zero make-ready time and no requirement to purchase screens for each production job. Capable of printing anything from high impact solids to the fine detail required for 2pt text. Enables you to respond to short run requirements cost-effectively and changing customer demands quickly, providing a real competitive advantage.

The K600i White is available in a 333mm (13.11") print width and will print up to 75m/m (246ft/min) It offers all of the standard feature of the K600i but includes unique developments from Domino to improve performance and reliability. This includes the Domino i-Tech Trapless print head tank, removing all ink traps where pigment can conglomerate and then when release cause jet reliability issues and the UltraMix ink supply system that continuously maintains pigment ink suspension.



As an alternative to full color digital label printing, while avoiding the complexity of managing multiple SKUs, the K600i can be deployed as an on demand digital black print bar integrated within the existing label press or finishing line. Multiple versions including language variants can be cost effectively printed as single production runs. Simplifies inventory management and facilitates flexibility to respond to short term customer requirements.

Digital Embellishment

Label converters continue to face increased demand from brand owners for enhanced label designs with eye catching embellishments including foiling and silk-screen printing, while at the same time average run lengths continue to fall. Conventional finishing solutions for this can significantly impact set-up time and productivity.

The Domino K600i UV inkjet printer can be retrofitted on a range of production equipment and offers the capability for digital embellishments. These include spot varnishing, digital screen-like white printing and cold foiling. This takes finishing into the digital age with the ability to change from one embellishment to another without even stopping the line. It removes this production efficiency bottleneck, facilitating profitable short and medium run labels with added-value embellishments quickly, and with significantly reduced man hours and material waste.

The same Domino K600i, when used in combination with the new UV67CL ink, can print either a high laydown digital spot varnish or a cold-foil adhesive. Alternatively, using Domino’s high-opacity white ink, it is capable of printing anything from high impact solids to fine detail required for 2pt text. It is compatible with standard medias including polyethylene, polypropylene and under the right conditions certain coated papers.