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Custom-built for coding in the harshest and most demanding environments, the Ax550i from Domino North America comes in a tough package. Its robust and stackable cabinet is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, which is not only dust-tight but - with an IP66 rating. It can also withstand washdowns, high-pressure water blasting as well as the harsh chemicals used during heavy-duty cleaning, ensuring that it will stand up to the real-world conditions of your line.

Maximum Flexibility for Your Operation

The Ax550i's range of printheads includes the i-Pulse RS printhead, which offers the highest levels of durability and hygiene. The extensive i-Pulse ink range includes MEK-free and highly-pigmented options, as well as specialized inks for direct food contact, sterilization, wet glass bottle and many more industry-specific requirements.

If the Ax550i interests you or anyone within your operation, contact Domino North America.

Next Generation Electronics

In today's world, yesterday's interfaces just won't cut it. Current employees need the speed, maneuverability and familiarity of the touchscreens that they deal with in everyday life. Our Ax550i CIJ benefits from our powerful and intuitive i-Techx electronics platform and provides a class-leading user experience on a range of touchscreen sizes.

In addition, the entire Ax-Series range is fully compatible with Industry 4.0 standards thanks to our Coding Automation systems and third-party production systems - all with the aim of empowering production your team members to drive improvements through remote diagnostics and monitoring.

Finally, as the top of the line continuous inkjet technology in the Domino North America portfolio, the Ax550i is ideally-suited to high-end beverage, food and consumer goods product and packaging applications.

Want to learn more about the Ax550i to take your product printing to the next level? Contact Domino North America and Let's Get Coding. 

Continuing Domino Dominance

As for outgoing Domino printers, our previous high-performance machines, designed for harsh environments such as the i-Tech A520i, A300+ and A300SE+ variants are replaced by the Ax-Series Ax550i CIJ printer. With 316 grade stainless steel and IP66 rated sealed electronics the Ax550i is ideal for food and beverage applications. High speed data processing capacity enables promotional variable codes in machine readable and human readable formats.