Introducing the C6000+ Piezo Printer

High speed, high resolution large character piezo printer

As one of the fastest High-Res Drop on Demand printers on the market today, the C6000+ was already positioned to be one of the heavy hitters in the Piezo printer marketplace. But, as they say on infomercials, but wait, there's more. 

Domino Amjet's 70mm high res DOD printer is capable of of printing on a wide variety of porous substrates including cardboard boxes and trays. Our printer can print all kinds of high resolution and high contrast messaging from GS1 readable barcodes and alphanumeric text and graphics through our Piezo printhead technology.

Finally, you'll be able to maximize uptime and crank out more codes - even through the consumable change process, making it an excellent option for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEEE). Finally, code consistency is achieved through product guide plates and flexible floating print heads. 

Cost, Environment & Operator Friendly

In today's marketplace, environmental awareness is becoming even more important. Through the use of our range of mineral oil-free inks, you can help meet overall sustainability goals while still delivering high contrast codes. 

Domino's QuickDesign software, and the option of a ControlPanel user interface, simplifies message design while providing lineside printer control. Operator errors are minimized by integrating with ERP and MES systems. The C6000+ integrates into your existing production line, whilst the remote head option gives you the ability to run up to four printheads from one centralized ink supply. It's also cost-effective, with only 44W and no factory air required.

Domino Amjet C-Series Remote Printhead