Introducing the Editor™ GT

Take control of your production line and variable data needs with this easy to operate high tech system

Meet the Domino Amjet Editor™ GT - your sophisticated Windows-based Industrial Inkjet Controller that gives you integrated machine control over your production line. Versatile and modular, our Domino's variable data controller provides complete control over a wide range of our family of Industrial Digital Inkjet Printers to match your company's specific needs.

Custom-built to offer real-world solutions for the commercial printing industry, this controller is used within the stitching, binding, wrapping, folding, newspaper and mailing industries. Our Editor™ GT has a vast library of both 1D and 2D symbology built in and the unique ability to print variable data in real time - all without pre-processing of data - significantly boosting the printing speed.

Easy to use, with an intuitive operating system, it controls up to eight configurable print heads. Real-time variable printing will maximize your productivity and take your printing operation to the next level. For more information about the Editor™ GT Controller, call Domino Amjet

Domino Amjet Editor™ GT