This 1200dpi press delivers consistent exceptional print quality at the highest operating speeds

N730i press operator

Launching Domino North America's all-new Generation 7 inkjet technology platform, the extraordinary N730i Digital Color Label Press is the latest addition to Domino's unparalleled N-Series Digital Color Label Press selection. Our N730i is equipped with finest inkjet printing technology on the market today. It utilizes our revolutionary Brother BITSTAR 1200dpi high-resolution print head, ensuring the finest, most exceptional print quality at high production speeds. In addition to unparalleled speed and 1200 dpi resolution, Domino engineers ensured outstanding reliability.

Next Generation Technology

Our focus wasn't just on speed and reliability. We knew that our customers demand quality - especially with our digital printing solutions. The new N730i produces sharper edges and smoother gradients for exceptional print quality. Utilizing a combination of the smallest drop sizes of 2.1pl and nominal drop sizes of 2.8pl and 3.3pl, the Brother BITSTAR print head provides consistent ink density across the image.

Unique and patented triple-layer polycrystalline micro piezo technology minimizes cross talk and delivers precise nozzle control for optimum drop placement accuracy and superior print results.

Intuitive SunLight User Interface

As soon as N730i is installed it is ready to work for you. The N730i digital color label press was built for extreme usability. Its GUI incorporates the new Domino SunLight Graphical User Interface. This GUI is flexible, completely intuitive and highly configurable.

Combined with Domino’s renowned and enhanced i-Tech intelligent technology, the N730i delivers improved efficiency, use, function and reliability. All of this ensures increased output, improved profitability and ROI for your organization.