Introducing the F220i Fiber Laser

Precision laser marking from a compact but powerful fiber laser system

Even in FMCG, some machines are just cool. The F220i, nay, the entirety of the F-Series Fiber Laser lineup is one of those times. After all, hasn't the kid in you always wanted to brandish a laser beam? 

Now's. Your. Chance. Go ahead, drink it in. Don't be shy. 

Domino Amjet's F220i fiber laser marking system is specifically optimized to deliver crisp, clear codes onto a range of plastic materials - including flexible packaging - and metals.

Like its bigger brothers, the F520i & F720i, flexibility is a key feature of this high-performing, laser marking solution model because it produces multiple lines of text, graphics and 2D datamatrix codes.

Its capabilities aren't just limited to flexible packaging - it can take on very hard materials, too. How is the 220 capable of such fine text graphics and codes? Thanks to a combination of very fine spot and high pulse power peaks of more than 12kW gives the F220i unparalleled coding and marking precision.

No need to worry about durability because the F220i is built to last and provide the highest levels of productivity when used for the appropriate applications making it a popular laser marking solution amongst many manufacturers.

F220i Fiber Laser CoderF220i Fiber Laser Coder

Compact sizing and flexible integration options.

F220i Fiber Laser Marker ControllerF220i Fiber Laser Controller

F220i controller and laser extension box.