The fiber laser marking machine ideal for coding onto beverage aluminum cans

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Jon Hall

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Domino F720i Fiber Laser Marking Machine F720i Fiber Laser Coder

Compact sizing and flexible integration options.

Domino F720i F-Series Fiber Laser with Head, Controller and Touchscreen Interface F720i Fiber Laser Coder Controller

Innovative controller design. Allows ambient temperaturs up to 45°C and an optional IP65 protection, run with factory water.  

Who knew that laser beams would be so cool? Just about every movie super villain and science fiction hero - that's who! The F720i from Domino North America harnesses the power of the laser beam to take your coding and marking operation to the next level

Our F720i is the big boy in Domino’s revolutionary F-Series Fiber Laser marker lineup of high-performance, high-speed fiber laser coders. Specced and designed in tandem with a beverage manufacturer to deliver clean, clear, legible and durable codes on aluminum cans, the F720i is custom built to meet the unique needs in the beverage can coding space. Plus, with an IP65 rating, our F720i laser marker is built to thrive in aggressive beverage environments laden with humidity, temperature changes, dust and sugar-laden air.

Unparalleled Speed

Capable of delivering high-quality codes onto 100,000 cans per hour, this fiber laser marking machine is focused on delivering the requirements of the high-speed beverage canning sector. Why wouldn't it be? After all, we designed it with a well-known beverage manufacturer. 

How is our can coding solution so uniquely capable? Well, the F720's 3D power concentration can achieve this kind of superior coding through fiber laser marking with short and intense pulses, which significantly increases the marking speed.

The result is a high-resolution mark on even the most challenging of surfaces, such as the concave surface at the base of the can - making it the ideal coder for beverage cans.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Plus, once you've bought your F-Series coder, the overall cost of ownership is reduced through the removal of inks and solvent use. Once the F720i is up and running, thanks to the Fiber Laser technology, there is little or no set up or adjustment needs, making it a much more fire and forget solution in the beverage space than other types of coders. This allows for uninterrupted production runs and removes the chances for waste typically associated with printing on cans.

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