Introducing the QuickDesign WS

Introducing QuickDesign WS

QuickDesign WS is an add-on module for QuickDesign that enables communication between Domino printers, the production environment and external systems using the Weihenstephan Standard. 

If you're not aware, the Weihenstephan Standard is a common framework developed for the food, bottling and packaging sectors to reduce complexity and streamline coding operation within a multi-technology production environment. In essence, with so many systems running and each running their own programming languages and variations within, the Weihenstephan Standard framework was engineered to simplify upon a common language so all systems could speak to one another.

It is the Rosetta Stone for production machinery systems all over the world - and our own QuickDesign WS has plug and play integration for ultimate ease of use.  

To go along with that ease of use mantra, QuickDesign WS is easy to configure and includes a standardized label designer for a consistent look and feel for all coding technologies.