Expert Domino Remote Service to give You Peace of Mind

Service is a fact of life on complex machinery, from your car to your industrial printer. Here at Domino Amjet, we want to minimize the time your coder's downtime and maximize your factory's production uptime. How do we do that? With Domino Cloud Remote Service.

This stunning cloud-based service allows Domino product experts to diagnose and even repair your coder's basic issues on the fly from our homebase saving you time and money. This helps reduce your factory's downtime and ensures that our experienced onsite service engineers are dispatched for only the biggest issues.

This approach keeps your line moving - minimizes production downtime, reduces your servicing costs and increases efficiency from product to pallet. Our service engineers know that your time is valuable, so we're happy to keep your line running from afar.

Domino Cloud is part of our SafeGuard service and support packages and provides comprehensive protection for your Ax-Series, Gx-Series and Coding Automation equipped lines. Domino Cloud helps maintain your printer and avoid or resolve problems using remote diagnostics and monitoring.

How does it work?