Domino’s Ax-Series and Sovena are Rewriting the Recipe for Coding!

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Sovena - a family-owned producer of refined cooking oils located in Portugal - trusts Domino to help them distribute quality-guaranteed food products around the world.


Sovena, a 100% Portuguese company owned by the Mello family, specialises in oil seed crops associated with the food industry. Sovena performs the extraction, processing and bottling of vegetable oils and olive oils for worldwide distribution. With a mission to “Inspire people to eat healthier and tastier by using olive oil,” overall quality and transparency of contents are vital to the success of their business.


As one of the world’s largest producers of refined oils, Sovena operates eight manufacturing plants and four mills in eight countries spanning four continents. With an estimated $1.4 billion in earnings since 2015 - 80% from exports - Sovena trusts Domino to help fulfil their company vision “to bring olive oil to every place and every person in the world.”Consumer Goods Refinery Production Manager, Rui Ramos, handles daily operations within Sovena’s Barreiro plant and explains that - for a task so crucial to their global distribution - they can only rely on experienced and extremely capable coders.“Domino is our partner in the field of coding and marking, which is a key area in the food industry,” he shared. “We seek partnerships … not simple supplier customer relations. For this reason, we decided to install technology from Domino, which brings us robustness and reliability.” With the advanced technology, innovative ink and guaranteed quality of Domino’s Ax-Series printer, “Our customers know what they canfind within our bottles,” Ramos assured.

"For the print quality and reliability of equipment, without a doubt, we would recommend the new Domino Ax-Series."

Luísa Dordio, Consumer Goods Manufacturing Engineer at Sovena

Easy Integration

For smooth integration into a production line, the Ax-Series supports leading industrial communication protocols simplifying installation and automation online. Ax-Series printers can be integrated into networked printer systems providing centralised code templates for error-free coding and integration onto existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Simple production line integration:

  • Easy-to-use remote touch screen can be mounted where it best serves operators
  • Hide the heavy duty, wash-down cabinet, out of the way
  • Available on the Ax550i model, 316SS, IP66 - built for quality and reliability even in the harshest environments 

Innovative Technology

Easy to integrate and configure and highly productive, the Ax350i promises years of service-free operation. It supports ink for all substrates, offers easy-change consumables and convenient modular stackability. The advanced Ax-Series also includes i-Techx that offers users an experience like a smartphone, takes only minutes to learn and is customisable allowing prioritisation of the most used tasks. Sovena Consumer Goods Manufacturing Engineer, Luísa Dordio, works with this technology from Domino every day and attests, “With this equipment, we are able to improve the quality of marking on our boxed products.”

New Inks, New Capabilities

The Ax350i utilises new, highly reliable i-Pulse inks. These advanced inks - designed for even the most demanding applications - easily adhere, even after harsh post-print processes. “In this case, since we work with PET packaging, we have [to have] marking with the best definition,” Dordio shared. “This ink without a doubt presents definition, and with this ink, we manage to hit our goal which, to us, is fundamental.”


i-Pulse Print Head & Inks

The perfect drop - it’s fundamental to consistently great quality codes:

  • 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds Perfect drop creation and placement
  • Perfect drop creation and placement resulting in producing highly reliable Machine Readable Codes (MRC)
  • Better drop management equals cleaner printhead (go significantly longer in between cleanings)
  • Faster, more consistent codes

Rewriting the Relationship

While meeting all the quality guarantee requirements and technological logistics, ultimately, speed and productivity remain essential ingredients to the Sovena / Domino recipe for success. “One of the biggest challenges for a company like ours is to ensure quality of the product we offer to our end customer, with maximum productivity,” Rui recalls.“Something so basic and so vital as coding in the food industry has to be guaranteed. It is exactly for this reason that we trust the Ax-Series to perform the job perfectly.”

Code quality


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