Champagne co-op, CRVC, cracks open A320i bottle coder

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In 1962, a small group of winemakers in the Champagne region of France came together to pool their production resources, forming the Coopérative Régionale des Vins de Champagne (CRVC). Fifty years on, the CRVC runs 900 hectares of vines, bottling 9m bottles of fizz from its five-hectare site at the heart of the historic city of Riems.Domino has worked with the company for almost a decade, providing printing systems across its production lines, including labeling for its prestigious champagne brand, Castelnau. With CRVC ready to renew its A100 inkjet line, Domino was asked to advise on the upgrade, and ensure any new units would integrate seamlessly into their existing production lines.


“Our priority was to reduce errors by making it easier for operators to enter information. The Domino project team understood this and was able to fulfill our requirements.” Pascal Lebrun, CRVC Production Manager

CRVC needed both reliability and ease of use for their line operators. The A-Series printers had already proven themselves in production and the company opted to upgrade their lines with two A320i touch screen inkjet printers. The touch screen interface meant operators found the system simple to use, while the new units slotted easily into the existing production line. The company now runs two systems in parallel; the A-Series prints batch numbers direct to the bottle, while C-Series +units cover box barcode printing. Crucially, both systems are highly reliable and require little maintenance, meaning very low production downtime and the ability to process 5000 75cl bottles an hour.

“We chose Domino not only due to the reliability of its equipment, but also because it was able to offer a system that perfectly suited the needs of the operators who work on our branding lines every day.”

Always up

Domino printers receive product data from a management system provided by DIVALTO. Using an SCRDOM application, the line operator can set up and initialize production runs for both the A-Series bottle marking and C-Series box printers easily and simply, reducing the risk of user error and subsequent downtime. Much to the delight of the people operating the lines.

“Domino’s printers have given 
us much more freedom in using our production lines. Non-production periods can last several days on certain lines. These stoppages have no impact on the A320i inkjet printers.”


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