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The N610i digital label press
The quality of print from the N610i is the best that I've seen so far for a high speed digital inkjet label press.
Tony White, Chairman World Label Awards

The highest digital productivity

The N610i prints up to 75 metres per minute (246ft/min). During a 30 minute flexo make-ready the Domino N610i could produce up to 2250m (7382 ft) of print.

The most consistent print results

Domino's unique intelligent Technology i-Tech features are what really make the Domino difference, delivering consistent print results job-to-job.

The best digital ink jet quality

Using Domino’s proprietary print jetting assemblies, incorporating Kyocera technology, the N610i provides the highest UV curable ink jet native print resolution of 600x600dpi.

N610i Benefits

Combines the productivity of flexo with the flexibility of digital


N610i Features

The N610i uses leading-edge ink jet non-contact printing technology combined with conventional flexo components, which operators will recognise. The press is user-friendly and provides consistent high quality print results. Rollover the icons for more information.

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Protective covers

To proect web from airborne debris during operation

Print engine

Kyocera jetting assemblies are mounted in a positive air-filled chamber for the highest reliability. The N610i can be configured in a 4,5,6 or 7 colour print combination

White print bars

Two print bars deliver the highest opacity white with a silkscreen-like smooth finish

Production controller

Controls the job queue, media type, printer parameters and has the flexibility to be positioned inline or offline

Ink/Fluids cabinet

Easy accessible fluids cabinet allows change of ink during production

Electronics cabinet

Isolated electronics cabinet for improved safety, requires a single power supply

LED pinning

Controls the curing process to deliver the highest print quality on the widest range of media

Tension control

Full servo driven control system ensures precise registration ensuring the highest print quality

Cleaning and capping station

Automated print head cleaning and capping reduces operator involvement, protects the print heads and improves reliability

Inline Finishing

The N610i can be integrated with industry leading digital finishing solutions including those from AB Graphics and GM

Splice table

Fast, simple and consistent method to join two webs together

Web guide

Guarantees precise positioning of the web for consistent, high quality print


Can take rolls up to 1m (40") diameter and a web width up to 340mm (13.4") for maximum productivity

Chilled roller

Optional extra which enables thermally sensitive materials to be handled


Supports rolls with a diameter up to 1m (40") and a web width up to 340mm (13.4 inches)

UV curing

Industry proven GEW arc lamps are used for full curing of the ink

Web cleaner

Cleans top and bottom of the web to ensure the substrate is clean and maximise print quality

Corona treatment

Modifies the surface tension of the substrate to maximise print quality and ink adhesion

Anti-static control (safety)

Anti-static bar reduces static electricity which can build up on the printed material, removing the risk of electric shocks

Anti-static control (print quality)

Anti-static bar controls static electricity optimising print quality and ensuring consistent reliability



ActiFlow is a continuous ink circulation system which keeps the ink at a constant temperature and degasses the ink delivering high print quality and reliability.
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CleanCap is an automated cleaning and capping system which cleans all the print jetting assemblies within one minute and protects them when not in operation. This controlled process ensures consistent nozzle performance, minimal downtime and consistent print results.
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StitchLink is an automated print head calibration system which uses micro-motor controllers for accurate alignment of the print jetting assemblies to micron levels of precision. This allows seamless print across the full print width.
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N610i i-Tech

intelligent Technology

Case Studies

Case Studies

Domino's N-Series installations

The N600i has really taken us to the next level, opening up new business opportunities both for us and our customers. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Domino to anybody.
Barry Lewis
Managing Director Reel Appeal
From the beginning, the N610i has helped us get jobs from customers that we previously could not compete for. If we print four jobs using traditional printing, in the same time, we will print ten with the Domino. We are fully satisfied with the press.
Christophe & Philippe Quirantes
Managing Directors QRT
Scrap and labour savings, since moving this job to the Domino, is huge. With the Domino we can run in one hour what we used to run in an entire shift on flexo. We have only been running it for one month and we have already seen an increase in sales because of the Domino N610i.
Dave Ferguson
President McCourt Label
The N600i has certainly lived up to our expectations of high resolution, high quality output at significantly higher operational speeds. The operation has been reliable and we are able to run much longer production jobs than we would normally print with digital technology.
Marc Reynders
CEO Reynders Etiketten
It is the quality of the print, the cooperation with the people and the service that we receive from our partner, as that is how we see Domino.
Raf Joos
CEO ASQ Labels


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